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From DTC to Outcomes-based Marketing

Outcome-based healthcare requires moving from broad DTC campaigns that create demand from new consumers, to programs that attract the right consumers, and support and measure how well they do while using your drugs.

Rob Rebak, Chairman and CEO of QualityHealth was one of the first executives to identify the need for this fundamental shift  – way back in 2012 (DTC Perspectives).

It is now clear that outcomes-based healthcare is here to stay and with it comes the need to measure how well drugs perform.  The change requires thinking differently, learning new skills and working with different types of vendors.

Four Critical Success Factors for Outcome-Based Marketing

In contrast to traditional DTC, outcomes-based marketers will have to:

a) Start with a far narrower aperture, to target and convert only the right (i.e., better qualified) consumers

b) Deliver effective, all-rounded, end-to-end patient programs to ensure that patients fill their prescriptions, take them as directed, and stay on medications as long as medically needed

c) Measure, adhere to and be governed this new performance metric in marketing: real-world clinical benefit data

d) Embrace a new business model, with marketing supplier contracts executed on the basis of how well consumers do on drug

Those that embrace outcomes-based marketing will not only create wins for their brand, but will have a more rewarding and secure career.  Do take the time to read Rob’s full article @ The Digital Pharma Blog.

How Outcomes-based Marketing is Different

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